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Ontological Life Coaching

Helps you build new ways of thinking, speaking and being.
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You Always Choose. And I thank you for choosing to stop here. Inspiring, supporting and empowering women brings me so much joy. So whether you`re learn more about ontological life coaching or about my new book, The Comfortable Shift, I`m glad you`re here.

Carol taught me to value and believe in myself. To speak up and let go . She taught me how to accept myself , love myself, not judge myself , to forgive myself and others. To set boundaries and importance of gratitude. She is always present in my thoughts.

Aurorora Bernazzani

Thank you for all your wise words and kindess, most importantly thank you for leading me on this path!

Giselle Samuelly

Feeling better, more motivated, and lighter emotionally and mentally. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction

Liz Douglas

Ever since I met Carol I knew she was an exceptional human being, one in a million. She is a diamond and as a precious stone, scarce to find. Her words soothe your soul,her knowledge is limitless, her joy is evident. May blessings fill your journey.

Judith Zamora

So very grateful for you, you beautiful soul Carol Mishkin.

Elizabeth Contag

Carol encouraged me to integrate daily affirmations and meditations which changed me forever. She pushed me to think, listen to my words and have a mindset shift. I am forever grateful for her.

Alexa Gasparino

You are in my heart and in my mind, you inspired me everyday and all you have tough me helps me keep going when I feel I have no way out! You are an amazing human, I’m so grateful of having you in my life.

Omi Laufer

You Can Shift

  • Create a shift in the thoughts and stories you tell yourself.
  • Move towards clarity and purpose in your life.
  • Build a new way of living and being.

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