I am Carol, a lover of life, a wife and mother of two wonderful, adult children and a passionate life coach and I am here to help you live the life you aspire.

I am an Ontological Life Coach;
in other words:

“A facilitator of profound learning that generates genuine transformation and constructive ways of engaging with self, relationships, work and all aspects of life.”

At 64, after decades of study, certifications, coursework, workshops, experience, and the wisdom that comes from living life and healing personal pain, I have developed an intuitive ability to listen empathically and guide my clients to self-fulfillment.

I help my client to identify where work needs to be done and provide the tools/strategies for the journey.

I am bilingual (English/Spanish}, Certified and Experienced International Ontological Coach (FICOP), Masters in Education from Boston University and years of experience as a teacher and a coach.  I have a successful background of working in wellness.

I am a skilled practitioner in PNL,  Parenting,  Hopponopono, Yoga Laughter Leader  and Meditation,

Still enjoying the challenges of life’s roller coaster, enthusiastically living every moment as present as I can be, I am a tireless researcher and student of the human mind and body.

I have come to understand that the way in which “WE” see, interpret, process and manage our personal life experiences, can lead to long term fulfillment and empowerment.

I am interested, willing and eager to help anyone ready to commit to doing the work their transformation requires.

I understand life’s challenges, having personally experienced the following:

Survived several life-threatening illness
Healed from a divorce
Married happily the second time around
Raised two children, survived 🙂 their adolescence
Navigated empty nest and now learning to redefine my role as a mother of married children.
Grieved the death of loved ones
Changed careers several times successfully
Achieved success in different endeavors
Manifested personal physical healings
Navigated depression at age 52 and emerged strengthened.
Emigrated from Venezuela leaving home,
family, and career behind at the age of 56


In addition to helping my clients on an individual level, I enjoy speaking at conferences and leading workshops. With over 43 years of researched information and experience, I speak enthusiastically on many subjects including:

Mind /Beliefs
Relationships, Forgiving


Are you ready to live the life you deserve???