Life Coach Near Me

To paraphrase Marcel Proust, the real voyage of discovery is in having new eyes. It is often the case that we are unable to generate new eyes all by ourselves. With these new eyes, we can create the shift in our life that we crave.

Perhaps you only want to wake up excited to start the day. Maybe it’s time to change careers or start a side hobby that you are passionate about. It may be that some relationships must change. Perhaps it’s even your relationship with you that needs a shift.

These shifts are yours for the taking.
These shifts are available for you to choose.

You may feel like they are too far away.
This is where my passion starts.

My clients always say they are looking for a “Life Coach Near Me”, but with the power of the internet, we can work together no matter where in the world you are located. Or if you are in the Miami FL area, YES, let’s get together in person!.

Carol taught me to value and believe in myself. To speak up and let go . She taught me how to accept myself , love myself, not judge myself , to forgive myself and others. To set boundaries and importance of gratitude. She is always present in my thoughts.

Aurorora Bernazzani

Thank you for all your wise words and kindess, most importantly thank you for leading me on this path!

Giselle Samuelly

Feeling better, more motivated, and lighter emotionally and mentally. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction

Liz Douglas

Ever since I met Carol I knew she was an exceptional human being, one in a million. She is a diamond and as a precious stone, scarce to find. Her words soothe your soul,her knowledge is limitless, her joy is evident. May blessings fill your journey.

Judith Zamora

So very grateful for you, you beautiful soul Carol Mishkin.

Elizabeth Contag

Carol encouraged me to integrate daily affirmations and meditations which changed me forever. She pushed me to think, listen to my words and have a mindset shift. I am forever grateful for her.

Alexa Gasparino

You are in my heart and in my mind, you inspired me everyday and all you have tough me helps me keep going when I feel I have no way out! You are an amazing human, I’m so grateful of having you in my life.

Omi Laufer

Ontological Life Coach Services

As an Ontological Life Coach, my role is to walk beside you to help you make these shifts.

Most of us spend all day in our head with swirling thoughts and self-talk. In Ontology, the basic premise is that these thoughts and self-talk create our reality. This isn’t based in false or toxic positivity. Instead, together we focus on truly how to SHIFT your thoughts and feelings so they align with your goals.

This is a lifelong journey, not a quick fix tool.

Each of us has past wounds to heal.
Each of us has stories we tell ourselves.
Each of us has dreams and hopes for our future.

You Always Choose is my favorite saying because I truly believe it. And have lived it in my life – through the ups and the downs.

Ontological Life Coach Services are similar to life coaching meaning that you and I will meet privately one-on-one on Zoom or in person if you’re in the Miami, FL area.

Many of my clients choose to book a free Shift Solution call first. These are my favorite because we will work on just one comfortable shift you can make in your life. This is not a coaching call but more of a taster so you can trust that I can help you. From there, we can talk more about my services or you can go ahead and book your first set of six coaching calls. To call them just coaching calls feels so understated. My client Aurorora Bernazzani said,

“What did you help me do while we work together?

To value myself, to believe in me, to not be afraid to say things, to let go of what does not belong to me, to accept myself and how others are, to love me as I am, not to judge myself and to forgive myself.”

This work is transformational. And I see it time and time again. And I trust you can see this type of shift as well.