Reframing Socrates in an affirmative way

An examined life makes our life worth living.


The following questions will serve you to get clarity on where you are in your life now and what you would like to change or accomplish.


Working with me, I will accompany, guide, lead you on your journey towards clarity, self-confidence and optimism.


Self-reflection is key for a fulfilled life.

Answer for your own personal knowledge…

1. How are you doing in the following areas of your life?

Good or Need work
My family
My partner
My children
My work.

2. What do you consider your top three challenges at this moment?


3. What are your top 3 qualities that can help you move forward.


4. Who and what do you count on for support?


5. What areas would you like to see change in your life?


6. What steps do you think you need to take to make the change?


7.  What is included in your self-care routine?


A. Exercise
B. Healthy eating
C. Meditation
D. Reading
E. Sports or activity


8. What is bringing you 80% of your joy now?


9. What is bringing you 80% of your stress?


10. If you could wave a magic wand and create your ideal life, what would change?


11. Do you believe you can change?


12. Are you ready to commit to take steps towards the change you want?


13. If so, are you aware of what is stopping you?


14. What does fulfillment  look and feel like for you?


15. What emotions do you feel most often?

A. Joy
B. Sadness
C. Anxiety
D. Fear
E. Loneliness
F. Criticism
G. Contentment
H. Depression

16.  What expectations de you have from the coaching sessions?

The way we see, perceive, and interpret our world affects us entirely. Changing our perceptions and interpretations changes everything.