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1 : 1 session with me.  We will work together to identify the areas you are currently stuck.

Through powerful questions and challenging your beliefs and stories, we will determine where you are in your life now. We will discover where your work needs to begin so you can start to feel an inmediate sense of possibility and calm.
I will give you some techniques for you to move forward from what you are experiencing now.
60 minutes – $247.00

Six Session Package

By discovering new ways of thinking and being in your life, you will become clearer and feel an immense sense of ease, clarity, and purpose.

You will understand how your mind works to gain control over your thoughts and emotions. By understanding what’s going on in your mind you will learn how to make it work for you.

I teach you self-awareness, meditation, affirmations, breathwork , all essential elements to feel good and lead the life of your dreams. You will be open to the possibilities and opportunities in your life

6 sessions- $1,297.00


The key to personal growth is identifying what needs to change – and being motivated to take the steps to make it happen.