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How can we work together?

My coaching sessions are completely tailored to your unique needs. Each session is followed by a detailed review of what we discussed, plus tools, more questions and material for self-help in your process.





Individual session:

Our first meeting is essential to determine if we are a right fit, as well as your level of commitment.  We will discuss your reasons for the visit, what is and is not working at the moment in your life, what results you would like to see, your expectations, and what is getting in your way.  We will discuss what motivates you, your passions, the resources you count on and how you define success and well-being.

We will consider what steps you need to take to accomplish what you want.

My years of experience, studies and expereince.serve me to guide you through the challenging situation you are faced with at the moment.

Through powerful questions, exploratory conversations, reframing, challenging beliefs, and self-reflection, together we unravel, face and deal with your concern.

You will learn valuable information and tools to be able to navigate and manage  the issue with confidence.

I will send you a written summary, recapping the time we spend together.

The session lasts 60 minutes and has a   $250.00 fee.

6 session package

After our initial session you can sign up for a 6 session package to begin with or you can book a 12 session package right away.  The decision will be based on your particular needs at the moment, the time you are willing to commit and how deep you want to go.

In these sessions we will determine some beliefs, behaviors and thoughts that are getting in the way of your true expression and happiness.  We will examine your concepts of self,  tools for managing stress, the difficult situations you are facing and how you can change to face them through an empowered and resilient self instead of confusion and doubt.

We will discuss habits and beliefs that can be holding you back.  Meditation, affirmations, breath work, understanding how our mind works and how we can make it our friend are some of the tools I use .  Well being and confidence are some of the many results this work can achieve.

The power of coaching lies in the ability to have important turnarounds regarding behavior and beliefs which in turn affect well- being positively.  It is you that does the realizing and you the makes the changes and ultimate transformations

As your guide and coach, I will support you in:

Identifying,  understanding, reframing and transforming what is in the way of achieving your desires.

We will meet on a zoom /skype call weekly or bi-monthly for  60-minute sessions.

6 sessions   60 minutes each = $1,500.00

12 session package:

I offer a twelve week package during which we focus what type of observer you are,(how you see and perceive your life events) the language you use to describe your reality,  on your habits, beliefs, emotions, language, and your way of being, seeing and experiencing life.

Working together for 12 sessions will result in a significant turn around of your emotional health, well-being, way of seeing, responding, as well as clarity of purpose, confidence, self-assuredness and long-lasting transformation.

We will meet on a zoom call weekly or bi-monthly for  60-minute sessions, depending on your individual needs.

You will have direct access to me through email with a response within 12 hours.

You will receive support check-ups from me in between sessions via email.

You will receive a summary after each session,  information, and  resources to support your learning and transformation.

12 sessions. 60 minute each. $ 3,000.00 package

As your guide and coach, I will support you in:

Identifying,  understanding, reframing and transforming what is in the way of achieving your desires.



If you want to wake up every morning with clarity, confidence, purpose, gratitude, joy  and inspiration in your heart and , and need a little support I can help this happen for you.

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The key to personal growth is identifying what needs to change – and being motivated to take the steps to make it happen.