Terms and Conditions

Carol Mishkin welcomes you to her services and hopes you make the decision to work with her and commit to doing your personal work to feel empowered, self-aware, creative, and joyful.

Here are the Terms and Conditions of Service:

By committing to Carol Mishkin’s coaching service you are aware, knowledgeable and you agree with the following:

  • You have voluntarily booked the session online or in person with Carol Mishkin.
  • Ontological life coaching is a new rising profession that is not regulated.
  • The service ethics is validated by the International Ontological Coaching Federation (FICOP)

– Coaching offers new spaces for growing, learning, observing, communicating, and transforming.

You will learn a lot of information on how the brain, mind, heart, thoughts, and emotions work. You will receive tools and techniques that you can incorporate every day and in life if you choose to.

– You can exit a session at any time if you feel the need, you are not obliged to stay till the end of the session.

– Many personal conversations will occur and that means tapping upon sensitive subjects. You may not always like what you are being told. It is important to know that you choose what you do with whatever is said. If it doesn’t resonate with you. Let it go.

  • The session is a private confidential experience,
  • Carol Mishkin will honor and respect your right to privacy and no part of this session will be shared.
  • Sensitive subjects may come up which can evoke strong emotions, you are responsible for your interpretations and actions, and cannot hold anyone else responsible for your actions.
  • You will act responsibly during the session and are responsible for all o your actions

Carol Mishkin is not responsible for any feelings, consequences, or results generated after the session.

Carol Mishkin session are not refundable

The session can be rescheduled up to once.
The online sessions will be carried out through ZOOM/video conferencing software, or Skype/facetime. When using these applications you are accepting the terms of use of that application and do not hold Carol Mishkin responsible for its operation system.
We’ll send an email notification with the meeting room link for online sessions.


Please test the app in advance, test the audio, and make sure it works well on your computer.
We’ll deduct the session time for any delays caused by not installing the application or not having it pre-configured.
You are committing to being punctual to the session as the time missed will be deducted from the hour.