People like Carol are timeless a few hours with her added years to my life in the best of ways. She carries centuries of wisdom and love in her life’s backpack.

Tania Heredia


Carol encouraged me to integrate daily affirmations and meditations which changed me forever. She pushed me to think, listen to my words and have a mindset shift. I am forever grateful for her

Alexa gasparino


You are in my heart and in my mind, you inspired me everyday and all you have taught me helps me keep going when I feel I have no way out! You are an amazing human, I’m so grateful of having you in my life.

Omi Laufer

Carol is a mastermind at pivoting confusion and conflict into clarity and resolution. Through her coaching she has provided me with intuitive wisdom, guidance, tools, and strategies to overcome obstacles, connecting me with my inner strength and motivation.

Aviva Larolle

I recommend Carol to everyone. She is an amazing human being, with years of experience in meditation, the mind-body connection, and coaching. She has a unique way to guide you to change the story you are telling yourself and empower you to conquer all your dreams.

Adriana Beracha

Thank you from the top, bottom and middle of my heart and all of my head. You helped me face and extremely challenging situation I have been living with for years with honesty, emotion and intellect

Griseld Hence

Carol has taught me to love and value myself for every little thing I do. I learned that each day is a new beginning and the past brings no bearings or can impact what I do or feel today. Due to Carol’s coaching, I have more confidence, motivation, and joy within me. I am so ever grateful for Carol’s teachings as it certainly has changed my life.

Gisella Jardines

Ever since I met Carol I knew she was an exceptional human being, one in a million. She is a diamond and as a precious stone, scarce to find. Her words soothe your soul,her knowledge is limitless, her joy is evident. May blessings fill your journey.

Judith Zamora