I sought out Carol’s coaching at a time when I was stuck. All of my basic needs were being met however, I was not in a state of happiness or flow. She started off our first session by asking questions which were thought provoking as well as brought new perspectives to how I was looking at myself. Her initial reaction was to identify the language that I was using and she taught me about the power of my words to drive my actions and my state of being. By replacing “I don’t know what I want” with “I have an abundant amount of ideas”, my mindset shifted and I was motivated to pursue my passion project. Carol encouraged me to integrate daily affirmations and meditation into my life, both which I will be practicing for the rest of my being. Knowing Carol and being coached by her is a true privilege as she pushes you to be your best self and I will forever be grateful to her.

Alexa Gasparino

I recommend Carol to everyone. She is an amazing human being, with years of experience in meditation, the mind-body connection, and coaching. She has a unique way to guide you to change the story you are telling yourself and empower you to conquer all your dreams. She has a very holistic approach, she will teach you important facts from neuroscience, nutrition, meditation and will be there for you every time you need her, it doesn’t matter in which stage of life you are if you are going through a difficult time, or if you are in a great place but you want to advanced in some area of your life Carol is the perfect fit. I will always be grateful for the work I did with her!!

Adriana Beracha

Thanks for the coaching session. It felt soooooooo freeing and good. Thank you from the top, bottom and middle of my heart and all of my head. You helped me Face and extremely challenging situation I have been living with for years with honesty, emotion and intellect. I feel empowered. With tons of love and appreciation.

Griseld Hence

Carol Mishkin is a wonderful Ontological coach. After my second session, my thought process took a 180-degree turn and I saw life with a new lens and perspective. The importance of who we are as individuals and how we have the ability and power to choose what we do in our daily lives for a more positive outcome. Carol has taught me to love and value myself for every little thing I do. I learned that each day is a new beginning and the past brings no bearings or can impact what I do or feel today. Due to Carol’s coaching, I have more confidence, motivation, and joy within me. I also have gained the strength and courage to face the unknown or tackle the challenges in a more positive light. It has been a blessing to have been coached by Carol right before COVID because I have been able to focus and create new career options after being unemployed. I am so ever grateful for Carol’s teachings as it certainly has changed my life.

Gisella Jardines

I have been very fortunate to meet Carol and attend her workshops. Ever since I met her I knew she was an exceptional human being, one in a million, with gifts that are not common in this world. Very high intellectual coefficient, high emotional coefficient and high spiritual coefficient. I am honored to know her. She is a diamond and as a precious stone , after all, scarce to find. She touches every person she encounters, her words are soothing to the soul, her knowledge limitless, no doubt her mission is clear and her joy is more than evident. May blessings fill your journey.

Judith Zamora

An experience of “awakening” is what I can say about my coaching experience with Carol. She helped me understand how the mind functions in general, in a scientific way and spiritual way. Everybody should have the total knowledge of what Carol taught me, for them to enjoy life in a better and pure way.

Sebas Ayala

Carol helped me discover who I really am. She showed me the way and I decided to follow. She taught me believe and have faith in myself and to love myself for who I am. She taught me to continuously work on myself and I am happier and clearer than I ever was. She is in my heart and mind, she inspires me and helped me navigate through emotions when I thought I had no way out. She is an amazing human being and am so grateful for having her in my life. She is indescribable. She taught me tools, meditation, affirmations, she has helped me soo much, I love her very much and I am very happy she is in my life.

Omi Laufer

People like Carol are timeless. One more year is not important because what is important is each and everyday. And in that day to day grow and help others grow. A few hours with Carol added years to my life in the best of ways. Carol carries centuries of wisdom and love in her life’s backpack. May God bless you always and compensate you with health and joy.

Tania Heredia

A few years ago I found myself in a funk, without explanation, as I have many blessings in my life but was not living my best life. Through Carol’s coaching I have come a long way in my transformation and truly see life and its falls and ups in a different light. It’s a lifelong process to be mindful and present but Carol has taught me the tools I need for living my best life. I am grateful to her for helping navigate the different stages we face as daughters, mothers, sisters, wives. I have used the new skills to improve my business and people skills and hope to have more growth opportunities.

Ivonne Goihman

I took a workshop with Carol and that changed the way I use my words for them to be beneficial for me and my environment. I just can’t hear people using bad words especially when talking about themselves although the curious thing is that in that very area I need to work intensively. Its using the right words to attract the right things. I think of Carol every single day because every single day I find myself ABOUT to use a word that will probably not do the best and I stop immediately and look for an alternative, it’s amazing to realize how often I, WE, use those words. The impact of only that workshop was amazingly good on me, the results being coached by Carol must be simply extraordinary. Thank you Carol, you put your heart and passion in your speeches.

Gisela Berman

I have had the opportunity of knowing Carol for several years and working with her as my coach. Carol is a brilliant and talented human being who really listens and understands me. Carol is a mastermind at pivoting confusion and conflict into clarity and resolution. Through her coaching she has provided me with intuitive wisdom, guidance , tools and strategies to overcome obstacles by connecting me with my inner strength and motivation. Hands down Carol’s coaching has been a plus for all areas of my life.

Aviva Larolle

Carol, I write you today to thank you for your coaching and support during our sessions. Your tools helped me very much. In fact, I can honestly say they changed me for the better. I went to UN models in New York, and I won the competition. I received the prize for the Best Delegate in my committee and my University Catolica Andres Bello won the prize for outstanding delegation. I feel so happy and accomplished, as if it were the best experience in my life . I would not have been able to achieve this without your tools and affirmations. I thought I would miss my mother while I was in New York but I didn’t. You taught me to understand she is not dead but alive and well living in me . I understood through you, that you cannot miss what is already in-side of you. I am sure she illuminated my path and guided every word that came out of my mouth. I am so happy. with myself, its a happiness deep inside of me much bigger than anything outside. I have never felt this way before and I am sure a great part of my well-being has to do with you. Thanks a million again for all you have taught me.

Cristina Baralt