What is Ontological Life Coaching?

An examined life is worth living to paraphrase Socrates
The only way to know ourselves is to be aware of and carefully consider our beliefs…

What is Ontology?

Psychology is the study of the mind; Ontology is the study of the self, of Being. It focuses on who you are and how you are seeing and being in your world.

We express ourselves through our words, our emotions and our bodies. Ontology seeks to understand how you view the world and help you create a new lens in which to view your internal and external perspective.

Language generates realities: what you see, your world and how you live in it. It creates opportunities and possibilities. It defines, affirms, and creates your actions. Your language describes who you are, your emotions and the possibilities you allow yourself.

Emotions are a second key factor in ontology. First, to recognize the ever-changing feelings and emotions inside of you creates an awareness and deeper understanding of who you are. Second, learning that you have the power to change your feelings and emotions is key to mastering long-term life shifts. The language that you use with yourself is a key tool in unlocking this aspect.

Lastly, ontology understands that your body is your sacred home. Learning how your body reacts to your language and your emotions allows a full integration so that your body can guide you when you are on or off the right path for you.

What is an Ontological Life Coach?

My role as an ontological life coach involves guiding my client to examine various aspects of themselves such as their language (both inner and expressed thoughts, stories, mindsets, and beliefs), recurring emotions and moods, and their physical state (including dispositions, breathing, fitness, and flexibilities).

Through this examination, you will learn to notice when these aspects come up more quickly and how to shift them into what you desire. You will develop new habits, ultimately resulting in sustainable changes in your life.

Do I need an Ontological Life Coach?

You are in constant transformation. Often you or your body crave a shift, but you just can’t put your finger on it. These are some of the statements I hear before I begin working with a new client:

  • You know what you want but you do not know how to achieve it.
  • You do not know how to avoid what you do not want.
  • You do not know what’s not working and how to change it.
  • You don’t know what you want but a voice in your head tells you, “This is not you”.

You question:

  • “Is this what it’s all about?”
  • “Why do I feel so sad and confused?”
  • “Can I change?”
  • “Why can’t I communicate well with my children, partner, employees, employer, family and/or friends?
  • “What is missing in my life”

These are just a few of the questions we answer and a few of the shifts we make in our work together in ontological life coaching.
If you find yourself continuing to read this and are intrigued by the possibilities, believe in yourself enough to learn more. You Always Choose.

How does Ontological Coaching Work?

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Unlike regular life coaching which focuses on accomplishing only specific goals, ontological life coaching focuses on changing the internal dialogue and shifting your perspective for lasting, life-long change. This core shift allows you also to set and accomplish goals but in a sustainable way which opens the door to all possibilities.
Together we will work through learning, healing and shifting.

By being aware of the language you use, intentionally choosing different words, observing and experiencing through new ways of thinking and being that you change and so does everything around you.

We refer to this as “Changing the observer that you are”. In order to transform aspects of yourself, you must first acknowledge that something is not working, or that you do not want it anymore. You must use language that will invite the change, adopt new behaviors, believe in the possibility of the change and create an action plan that you follow consistently and make happen.

In order to grow, you must be willing to unlearn much that you have learned: the old, the comfortable, the limiting, the habitual.

You will learn to notice your internal thoughts and feelings. As you practice, you will be able to shift, reframe, reformulate and rewrite the stories you’ve told yourself over and over again.

You will seamlessly incorporate new ways of thinking, feeling, speaking and being.

With endless possibilities, you can create a better future for yourself.
The transformation is life-changing and becomes part of your new way of being.

While Ontology is a weird, new word to you now, soon you will understand how impactful it can be.

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