Ontology is the study of Being, (the self) and Ontological Life Coaching focuses on observing and understanding our “Way of Being” as a road  to  deep and sustainable behavioral change.

Ontological Life Coaching is based on an exploration of the clients’ interpretations of the world and their way of being in it. Because our way of being is not a fixed state but one of continual change, the role of the Ontological Coach is to work with the coachee to design a way of being that the coachee themselves assesses serves them best.

Ontological Life Coaching addresses Our way of “being” and Our way of “seeing” the world. In other words,


The Observer that we are.


Our “Way of Being” is the underlying driver of our behavior and communication and this is where our perceptions and attitudes live.  Our interpretations, affect our emotions, language and behaviors.

If we want change, we must first change our “looking glass” and our interpretations and stories.


Everything changes when we change.


Through powerful, thought-provoking questions, exploratory conversations, empathic active listening, an Ontological  Life Coach will observe how the coachee uses language, as well as what emotions, responses and  behaviors lead them to their interpretation of the world.


The coachee is guided to reframe, rewrite, and reformulate stories, identify blocks, and limiting beliefs and incorporate new ways of thinking, feeling and speaking, into his being.


The role of an Ontological coach is to assist and guide the coachee to identify and achieve a new way of being and responding in their world.

They will support the coachee to recognize that ‘the truth’ is usually nothing more than learned narratives expressed through words and sustained in beliefs.

They will point out to the coachee how the use of language creates their world.

Our words carry emotional and somatic dimension and our growth lies in the reframing.


These are the basic questions we ask in Ontological Coaching.


“How am I observing this?”

“What is it about my way of being that has me observe this way?”

“What is it about my way of being that needs to shift so that I can observe differently?”


Ontological coaching enables people to feel more confident, empowered and inspired by letting go of beliefs, behaviors and patterns that no longer serve them and embracing possibility.


By exploring our beliefs with the Ontological Life Coach:



We can change our perceptions, emotions, attitudes and create effective language and communication.

  1. We learn to manage our responses and emotions.
  2. We can recognize and understand the following our fears  our triggers our motivators the stories that keep us stuck

We find clarity about the following:

  • How do I perceive?
  • How do I respond?
  • What thoughts keep me sad, paralyzed depressed?

Who and how do I forgive?

  • How am I taking care of myself?
  • Am I fulfilled?
  •  What is my purpose?

What behaviors do I need to change to be clear, centered and confident?



As an experienced Ontological Coach, I have the skills that allow me to listen deeply and attentively and offer frameworks and guidance in your transitions), that result in a life of fulfillment and self-actualization.


Are you ready to create the future you wish?

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