Individual Coaching is an investment in yourself.

Have you been thinking any of the following thoughts?

  • I do not feel content and I feel like something is missing in my life.
  • I’m not enough, I’m inadequate, I can’t get anything right.
  • Nothing interests me, I don’t feel motivated or passionate about anything.
  • I feel stuck and confused and I need to find some clarity.
  • I’m tired, lonely, frustrated, and sad.
  • I often question “What is the purpose of my life and wonder what I should be doing with it.”
  • I am not happy in my job, I’m bored, and feel as though I’m just passing time.
  • I’m scared to make any move in my business because I’m scared to fail or (succeed).
  • I feel heartbroken and I don’t know how to make the pain (and thoughts of my ex) go away.
  • Things in my life just aren’t in coherence with the person I want to be.
  • I’m worried about being able to support myself financially.
  • I doubt myself and my low confidence affects every area of my life.
  • I feel like closing the door on being a parent.
  • I can’t stand my body.
  • I’m sad and stressed ALL the time. Life just feels like a black hole and I’m struggling.
  • I’m so confused, why can’t I just be HAPPY?


As your Ontological Life Coach I will guide you in understanding how your mind works and what the necessary thoughts, behaviors and steps are that you must take for your transformation and fulfillment.


I  will guide you to :

  • Observe and Silence your inner critic (the inner negative repetitive voice inside of your head).
  • Identify what is working and not working in any aspect of your life and take steps to transform.
  • Replace negative behaviors and thoughts with actions and ideas that serve you.
  • Acquire tools to improve your Self-Esteem, Self-Respect, and Self-Love.
  • Awaken your awareness to your unique way of “seeing and being” in the world, which in turn, will change your actions, behaviors and emotions towards well-being.
  • Challenge the beliefs and stories that keep you confused, fearful, impotent and paralyzed and replace them with empowering beliefs and behaviors.
  • Move out of feeling depressed, insecure and stuck into clarity and possibilities.
  • Learn strategies to forgive yourself and others in order to release painful thoughts and emotions.
  • Understand and work through sadness, anxiety, and/or depression.
  • Surrender and embrace discomfort and learn from it.
  • Develop an action plan to move in the direction of your goals and dreams.
  • Attain tools for Confidence and Empowerment.
  • Identify, clarify and follow your passion and connect with your highest self, manifesting the life you want and deserve.

Take Action